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Compulse was established because we recognized the need for inexpensive business solutions for individuals and SMEs. In 2017, our vision expanded following a catastrophic hurricane that devastated our Island and we saw a gap in access for building supplies, tools &  accessories. We wanted to do more than just repair computers, thus, introduced hardware tools and procurement services.

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Aside from having a retail hardware store we help secure your business by providing ICT solutions. Our team will ease your burden by helping with purchasing decisions whilst also enhancing your brand image by designing a modern responsive website. Explore our service offerings below and contact us to book a consultation.

ICT Solutions

In today’s Era of competing technological solutions, businesses ought to stay updated with ICT software, hardware and protection. Our dedicated team of IT professionals have over eleven years’ experience in networking, troubleshooting, recoveries, installation and repairs and are available to support your business.  


Time is money thus; we facilitate busy entrepreneurs or MSMEs who need to free up time spent searching for resources online. Our role is to source your items abroad – (office equipment, computers, large hardware tools etc), clear at customs and deliver to your preferred location.                                                                                                                                   

Website Design

At Compulse, we transform what your business does with the visuals to support it. Your website is the place to set the image for your brand or business. Compulse Solutions can help ease your schedule by taking you from domain registration to web design, copywriting and web maintenance. After launching, we provide one-month free support and SEO tips. 

What makes Compulse Different?

Professionalism & Customer service

We anticipate the client’s needs ahead of time and go beyond our basic duty to satisfy them. At Compulse, we ensure you don’t have to ask us to clarify but we think on your behalf. Our previous and current clients value our approach and how we keep you informed from start to finish.

Credibility and Experience:

Our team of professionals who have been in the industry for more than ten (10) years and are committed to helping you to grow your business. There’s nothing too difficult that we cannot resolve. We pay close attention to the details to carefully assess the problem when troubleshooting.

Quality and Speed

We understand the urgency of getting things done on time whilst maintaining the quality of our work. Value is a major part of our process and we advise where you can substitute or reduce costs.


Welcome to our shop ~ a plethora of brand named hand & power tools from the likes of Dewault, Milwaukee and Bosch. Our tools are tailored for active tradesmen who believe in having unmatched power, run-time & durability to deliver a high quality output.  When you visit our shop you can also enjoy our video lighting equipment, laptops, computer accessories, home and garden tools.  Whilst our online shop offers uniquely selected items,  the in-store has a selection of stationery, kitchen utensils and garden tools. All prices are quoted in Eastern Caribbean dollars (XCD). We only ship to Dominica.

Computer Accessories


Power Tools

Hand Tools

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