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In today’s Era of competing technological solutions, businesses ought to stay updated with ICT software, hardware and protection. 

Our dedicated team of IT professionals have over eleven years’ experience in networking, troubleshooting, recoveries, installation and repairs and are available to support your business. 

We help with the following:


Networking an entire building from (insert size here) can be done with remote access from your home. We also provide manuals and training to help with maintenance. We can create computer networks for office spaces and install the relevant applications to help improve productivity and efficiency for your business.


No one likes to know that their files are compromised. We help recover lost, damaged, corrupted data from computers and any storage device.


You cannot escape malware and viruses, but you can reduce the distribution by protecting your devices. We help protect you with installation of anti-malware software and develop firewalls to protect against unknown sources. 

We install camera systems linked to mobile devices both at homes and office spaces.

Computer repairs:

Laptops are like babies; they need a lot of care. We can help with replacement of components.


We install both software and hardware components. We also do custom builds for your device.

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